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WNYLE Leader with Dr. Eun-Ju Kim and Harvard Professor Hannah Riley Bowles
WNYLE Leader with Mr. Luis Alberto LaCalle Former President of Uruguay
WNYLE Leader with Mr. Patricio Alwyn Former President of Chile
WNYLE leader with Mr. Sauli Niinisto President of Finland
WNYLE leader with Yahya Idris, Viceminister of Finances of Brunei and Prof. John W. Thomas.
WNYLE leader and Jasna Matic, Former Serbian Minister of Culture Media and Information Society
WNYLE leader with Uday Varma, Vice-Minister, Ministry of SMEs, India
WNYLE Leader with Entrepreneurship-Research Pioneer Prof. Bengt Johannisson
WNYLE leader with Shaofeng Wang, Secretary of the China Youth League
WNYLE Leader with Sherab Tenzin, Governor of Mongar Dzongkhag, Bhutan
WNYLE leader with Seilava Ros, Deputy Secretary, Cambodian Ministry of Economy
WNYLE Leader with Richard Anane Former Minister of Transport, Ghana
WNYLE leader with Harvard Professor Ricardo Hausmann
WNYLE Leader with Prosper V. Poukuota, African Development Bank, Tunisia
WNYLE Leader with Harvard Professor Alestous Juma
WNYLE Leader with Barrak Alsheatan, Ministry of Finance, Kuwait
WNYLE leader with Phera Clifford Lepati, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Lesotho.
WNYLE Leader with German Subercaseaux,Sandro de Vargas Serpa and Pedro Posada Arango
WNYLE leader with Ms. Irene W. Senegelo, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Botswana
WNYLE leader with Ms. Dianne Mcintosh, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Security, Jamaica
WNYLE leader with Mrs. Edwigr Petit, Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communication, Haiti.
WNYLE Leader and Harvard Professor Merilee Grindle
WNYLE leader with Leadership expert Marty Linsky
WNYLE leader with Leticia De-Castro and Harvard Professor Matt Andrews.
WNYLE leader with Krishna Gyawali, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Environment, Nepal.
WNYLE leader with Harvard Professor Kenneth Winston
WNYLE leader with Ka-Tai Lam, Vice-Director of Social Welfare, Hong Kong
WNYLE leader with Jamini Kumar Sharma, Chairman, Tariff Commission, India.
WNYLE Leader with Harvard Professors J. Richard Hackman and Matt Andrews
WNYLE leader with Muntaka Mubarak, former Minister of Youth, Ghana
WNYLE leader with Eluem Emeka Izeze, Managing Director, Guardian Newspapers Limited, Nigeria.
WNYLE leader with Daniel Nghidinua, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Namibia
WNYLE Leader with Christos Malikkides,Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defense, Cyprus.
WNYLE Leader with General Joseph Kasaine, Kenya
WNYLE Advisor Gary Urteaga with Steve Wozniak
Visit to the Luxembourg Business Academy
WNYLE Leader with latin entrepreneurs at the SMEs Trade and Investment Forum in Thailand
WNYLE Leader with Mr. Sakorn Thavannagoo CEO of CFP Group in Thailand
WYNLE Advisor with Jack Ma CEO of Alibaba Group
WNYLE Advisor with Mr. Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
WNYLE Advisor with Gary Locke Former US Secretary of Commerce
WNYLE leader with Dr. Hans van den Berg, President of the Universidad Catolica Boliviana San Pablo.
WNYLE leader and Zhili Wang, CEO of Sound Group, China.
WNYLE leader with Karin Russberg, Volvo Human Resources Manager, Sweden
WNYLE leader at the International Strategic Management Program of the ÅF Group. Sweden
WNYLE Leader with Nobel Laureate Michael Spence
WNYLE leader with Prof. Xielin Liu, National Research Center for Science and Technology, China
WNYLE leader in a visit to the danish entrepreneurial ecosystem at the University of Aalborg
WNYLE leader and Mr. Reuven Agassi, CEO of Quick Soft Inc, Israel
WNYLE Leader with Mr. Carlos Mesa Former President of Bolivia
WNYLE Leader with Nobel Laureate Leo Esaki
WNYLE Leader with Mr. Jaime Paz Zamora Former President of Bolivia
WNYLE Leader with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus
WNYLE Advisor Gary Urteaga with Mrs. Condoleezza Rice Former US Secretary of State
WNYLE Leader with Ernesto Perez Balladares Former President of Panama
WNYLE Advisor with Alan Garcia Former President of Peru
WNYLE Leader with Rodrigo Borja Former President of Ecuador
WNYLE Leader with Roderick Paige Former US Secretary of Education
WNYLE Leader with Rodrigo Carazo Former President of Costa Rica
WNYLE Advisor with Mikael Heb, CEO of Rovio Entertainment Ltd
WNYLE Leader with Mr. Ernesto Samper Former President of Colombia
WNYLE Leader with Shailendra Vyakarnam, Director of the Cambridge Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL)
WNYLE Leader at the Harvard Kennedy School
WNYLE Advisor with Saeed Amidi CEO of Plug and Play Tech-Center, Sillicon Valley
WNYLE Leader with Adi Dishon Director of the Weitz Center for Development Studies, Israel
WNYLE Leader with Ayel Benjamin, Director of the StartHub Program of the Academic College of Israel
WNYLE Leader with Oren Simanian,CEO of the Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center, StarTAU
WNYLE Leader with Sergio Gryn and the team of the International Institute of Leadership, Israel
WNYLE Leader with Judith Rosenthal, Director of the Aharon Ofri Center, Israel
WNYLE Leader with Eliav Blizowsky International Relations Director, Municipality of Telaviv, Israel
Council of Prominent Leaders
Michael Spence
Nobel Laureate in Economics
Burt Rutan
Genious Spacial Designer
Sam Pitroda
Visionary behind the technological take-off of India
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