• WNYLE launches the 'Guntern Gottlieb Catedra'
This is an historic day. Guntern Gottlieb our invited Global Visionary has also been unanimously awarded the 'WNYLE's Catedra Guntern Gottlieb' in recognition to his life-time dedication and commitment to the development of creativity and leadership. In 1979 Guntern Gottlieb founded the International Foundation for Creativity and Leadership (CREANDO) a global think-tank that gathered the most creative individuals of the time among Nobel laureates in literature, medicine, physics, molecular biology, and economics; entrepreneurs and artists. Mr. Gottlieb is also the author of more than twenty books on the topic of creativity, leadership and personal metamorphosis. His spirit for freedom has taken him to produce three music albums and write two novels. We feel honoured to have his wisdom in a WNYLE's Catedra.